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Alaska by Trevor and Charlie
Arizona by Vladimir and Owen
California by Jason, Adam and Sam
California by Griffin and Nathanel
Georgia by Guillermo and Michelle
Illinois by Hendrick
Maine by Austin and Ollie
Massachusetts by Tess and Paige
New York by Ammie and Alex
Nevada by Daulton and Jack
Pennsylvania by Maxey and Evan
Rhode Island by Anna and Emma
Texas by Mitchell and Evan
Washington by Johnny and Zach

Arizona by Christian and Logan
Delaware by Makara and Morgan
Florida by Burnsie
Florida by Nathan
Florida by Jacobo, Stephan, and Ben
Georgia by Maddie and Saylor
Hawaii by Josh
Hawaii by Camden and Emiah
New York by Hayden and Colette
Washington by Isaac
Wyoming by Thomas and Riley
Abby & Austin
Porter & Alex

Fall 2011 - Practice Podcast
Students learned how to create a podcast that includes voice and music using Garage Band. In order to focus on the technology, students chose a subject they knew very well - themselves. You may hear some background noise and maybe a few giggles in their first published piece. Their next podcast will be creating book trailers to recommend books to their peers.

Homeroom: Heinz
Homeroom: Menard
Makara & Colette

Camden, Stephan, & Thomas

Sammy, Jack & Porter

Zoe & Schuyler

Morgan, Saylor & Maddie

Christian & Isaac

Nathan, Burnsie & Jacobo

Abby & Riley

Ben & Logan

Josh & Hayden

Daulton & Emiah

Alex V.

Austin - Absent
Alex - redo?
Alex & Paige

Ammie & Guillermo

Anna & Vladimir

Austin & Trevor

Chloe, Emma, & Nathaniel (edit beginning)

Johnny & Griffin

Maxey & Charlie

Mitchell & Evan

Adam & Sam

Tess & Ollie

Zach & Owen

Nathanel - redo?
Hendrick - redo?
Jason - redo?
Michelle, Milan - Absent