February/March 2011

State Videos - Completed Projects

Message 2/24 and 3/3:
  • Finalize your scripts in Stixy.com
  • Download all your pictures into iPhoto
  • Create a New Project in iMovie - File/New Project
    1. Naming your project: 4M statename (Menard's Class) or 4W statename (Winget's Class)
    2. Choose a theme
    3. Drag and drop photos in the proper order
    4. Change the Clip Duration to 20 second - apply to ALL stills
    5. Record script using microphone - DO NOT run the script together - one statement/recording per photo
  • Editing Process
    1. Change the Clip Duration to match the length of your audio + 2 seconds - CAREFUL... DO NOT apply to ALL stills
    2. Edit the text on the titles
  • Optional - Advanced Editing features
    1. Add more titles to label photos (example: name the school mascot or building in the photo)
    2. Add music to the background. Choose music that makes sense for your state.

Message 2/17:
Go back and check your work to make sure you covered the Geography and 2 other major S.S. topics.
See Culture Grams: States Edition for more specific state related information.

We are going to do a share walk. Your classmates are going to view your information to see if you've
covered geography and the two other chosen topics. They will add their comments to your site.

Message 2/10:
Work on organization. Check out the following accounts in Stixy.com for examples.
Louisiana by Carly and Isabel
Virginia by Bradshaw and Everdina
Florida by Makaylah and Brianna

Message 2/3:
Check out online resources and add information to your Stixy.com account.
Requires username and password


Your team is responsible for creating a Real Estate Ad to encourage people to move to a state in the Southeast.

Standards: Grade 4 Technology Progress Report Indicators

STANDARD 1— Use Technology Effectively.
d. Graphic Organization Tools (Kidspiration)
  • Webbing, mapping, paragraph development.
e. Navigation
  • Save and open files from hard drive, USB flash drive, or server.
  • Multitask among multiple applications.
f. Use of Internet Tools
  • Use tabbed browsing/multiple window management.
  • Use browser menu use.
  • Drag and drop URLs to desktop.
  • Copy/save/paste and cite Web content/images.
  • Use effective search skills.
  • Use age-appropriate DPS online databases.
  • Search by Keyword.
STANDARD 2—Produce Quality Work.
c. Presentation Tools (KidPix, PowerPoint)
  • Communicate information by using a form of multimedia technology.

Example: California State Commercial